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I recently purchased and installed a standing desk. While I normally don't blog about things in my personal life, I figured that this was permissible since it directly affects my ability to write code.

My standing desk, fully loaded

This standing desk is a Fredrik "computer work station," but let's be honest, here: it's a standing desk. It's pretty sturdy and removes the need to hack together various Ikea desks to produce reasonably-scaled tabletops. Pictured here is my desk, in its natural habitat. My workstation and hacked-apart AGP box both have their own monitor, and there is plenty of tabletop room for anything I need to have at my hands.

For those in the audience who aren't yet aware of standing desks, and don't want to read Wikipedia on standing desks, here are the abridged notes:

  • Pros
    • Reduces back stress and pain after a few months
    • Reduces risk of DVT
    • When monitors are elevated, reduces neck stress and pain
  • Cons
    • Slightly more expensive than sitting desks
    • Hard to find
    • Causes foot and ankle stress for the first few weeks
    • Turns one into a hipster programmer

So, on the bright side, this desk has definitely improved my back pain. But, if I start writing Node.js code soon, we'll all know who to blame.

~ C.

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