A Little Bit is Better Than Nada

It is a running joke in the X.Org community that X12 development will commence as soon as all of the X11 bugs in the FreeDesktop.org bug tracker have been closed. When I first heard this, my reaction was, of course, "Challenge accepted!" But where to start?

There were about 10,000 bugs open on the tracker at that point, a few years ago. We're definitely improving; there are about 9180 bugs open (at the time of writing) which could be considered relevant to any kind of desktop development. Many of those don't belong to anything in X11, but assuming they did...

Pretend that all of the card-carrying members of X.Org closed 92 bugs. That would be 1% per person. We could be done with X11! So, during XDC 2011, I pulled out my netbook, and started closing bugs. I picked, as my targets, things that nobody would miss, like Xprint.

I closed some Xprint-related bugs, before simply shuttering everything in the Xprint product. I also picked up a couple of stray bugs. Finally, with maintainer permission, I closed everything still assigned to xf86-video-nv.

The results:

  • 24 Xprint-related bugs
  • 37 bugs in Product: xprint
  • 42 bugs in Component: driver/nv
  • 37 bugs in Component: driver/nVidia (open)
  • #9455, #28657, #29832, #30129

A total of 144 bugs. We can do this, guys!

~ C.

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